Sports Park Policies

NVP Sports Park has set forth the following facility rules to ensure that our facilities will remain a fun and safe place for people of all ages to enjoy a wide variety of activities.

We ask that you refrain from acting in an inappropriate manner including the use of abusive language, rude gestures, etc. Please show proper respect to all others. This includes all referees, players, spectators, and employees of NVP Sports Park. 

All individuals must be wearing appropriate attire. For your convenience, concession stands are available for service during business hours. Therefore, we ask that no food or drink be brought into the facilities. Please respect handicapped parking and drive lanes. Cars parked illegally will be towed at the owners expense. No smoking inside our facilities is allowed.

To maintain a family atmosphere, NVP Sports Park reserves the right to remove anyone from our facilities who fail to abide by the above listed rules.